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Lining, consolidation, treating planar deformations 


A recent comprehensive treatment of O. Gentileschi painting "Judith and her maid servant with the head of Holofernes" 
(1611), oil on canvas, 136,5 x 159,5 x 2,5 from the Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo, included the replacement of a failed 19th century glue-paste lining. The innovative lining was carried out using a pre-stretched lining canvas in a low-pressure envelope and a modular heat transfer using a transparent 36 V IMAT mat to activate the Beva 371 film. The lining canvas was loomed on a modular metal frame fully enclosed in a sealed Dartek envelope with four out flowing points connected to a GAST-0523 vacuum pump. Heat-activation of Beva 371 film was accomplished in sections using the IMAT mat (60 x 90 cm), which was placed under the envelope. To ensure optimal heat conductivity and uniform heat transfer, the IMAT was placed on a corrugated paper board, which allowed the weight of the loom to press down the envelope to the heater. The temperature was controlled with two separate sensors – under the envelope (to run the heater) and on the surface of the painting to monitor the temperature of the painted surface. Each section was heated up to 65.5 C for 15 minutes. The method allows carry out minimally invasive lining on paintings of any size using easily portable equipment. 

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