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MAT concept, approach, and treatment methodology were developed by paintings conservators Nina Olsson and Tomas Markevicius, who have been using precision heat transfer in their treatments since 2003. For more details see publications.


MAT is an acronym for Mobile Multipurpose Accurate Temperature management system for art conservation. The system is powered by a small and lightweight portable precision console (1500W 125 VAC or 230 VAC) regulated with a PID temperature controller. A PID stands for proportional–integral–derivative controller, which employs a control loop mechanism to continuously calculate an error value as the difference between the desired set point (SP) temperature and a measured process variable (PV) and applies a correction based on proportionalintegral, and derivative terms (denoted P, I, and D). The feedback is acquired using a T-type thermocouple (sensor), which provide optimal accuracy within the temperature range used by conservators. MAT-lab measures the surface temperature 20 times/second and the PID algorithm constantly corrects the energy flux to the mat providing an accurate heat transfer. 


The MAT-lab power console (7.39 x 4.75 x 3.21” / 18.71 x 11.38 x 8.15 cm) is connected to flexible silicone heat transfer mats of various sizes and a thermocouple sensor.  The operational temperature range is from room temperature to the customary heat activation temperatures (21-65ºC / 70-150ºF). The display may be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


A MAT starter-kit includes a MAT-lab console, temperature sensor (T-type thermocouple), and one A4 size silicone rubber heater. Additional mats of standard sizes listed below are available. The MAT-lab EU console can power mats from very small sizes up to 76 x 102 cm/ 30" x 40". Custom shapes and sizes, including extra-large mats may be designed for your specific needs. Larger mats will require customization of both the mat and the console to provide adequate power, and may require 240VAC.


Starter MAT system: 


  • MAT-lab US 120VAC/15A 1500 W or

  • MAT-lab EU 240VAC/10A 2000W 

  • Mat4 with external temperature sensor T-type thermocouple


Optional standard size mats:

  • Mat2   5 x 13 cm | 2" x 5" | 120 or 240 VAC

  • Mat3   10 x 38 cm | 4" x 15" |120 or 240 VAC

  • Mat4   22 x 28 cm | 8.5" x 11" |120 or 240 VAC

  • Mat5   64 x 76 cm | 25" x 30" |120 or 240 VAC

  • Mat6   76  x 102 cm | 30"x 40" | 240 VAC


Custom size mats: 


Any size and geometry with an internal integrated sensor or with an external sensor. Extra-large mats that require more than 1500W (MAT-lab-US, 120VAC) or 2000 W (MAT-lab-EU, 240VAC) will require a custom design and an associated console with adequate power. Contact Nina & Tomas to discuss your needs.


How to order:


Contact Nina and Tomas: for the ordering information and the quote. Please indicate which extra mats (Mat2 - Mat5) you would like to add to the 120VAC/15A Mat-lab US system and for the  240VAC/10A Mat-go-EU system (Mat2 - Mat6).