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While instruments or material are important in the treatment, the core factor for successful treatment is the methodology and experience on how to use the method or an instrument in an individual case. Training and experience transfer is particularly important when the technology is new and the approach is shifting the existing paradigms.


Since first introduced in 2003 by N. Olsson and T. Markevicius, the precision heat transfer approach has been used in diverse targeted treatments in paintings, paper, objects conservation for  paint consolidation,   treating paint and support  deformations, optimizing drying process,  activating adhesives,  tape and laminate removal, water-based gel cleaning,  enzymatic cleaning, treating fatty acid exudates and more. Tomas and Nina developed and tested their approach through practical treatments working as paintings conservators and collaborating with conservators from other fields in paper or objects conservation, helping to design their treatments based on precision heat transfer.


Now, as the precision heat transfer technology is available to conservators, the training becomes paramount and is our next step.  Inspired by the interest from conservators, we a looking forward developing a masterclass training on precision heat transfer approaches and we look for institutional  partnerships and collaborations in individual conservation projects, conservation training programs and beyond. 


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