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Lining, consolidation, treating planar deformations 


Treatment of Howard S. Sewell, The Coming of the White Man, and Immigration(1937) (oil on cotton, 153 cm x 690 cm Oregon City High School, Oregon City, USA) carried out by N. Olsson and T. Markevicius presents an interesting case study of the treatment of a large format paintings on-site. In 2003, a prototype heater was custom designed for use in the treatment of two New Deal mural paintings on canvas, which required relocation. The silicone rubber heating mat with wound wire elements was custom-made 91 x 168 cm to accommodate the height of the paintings, each composed of three separate sections, originally marouflaged to the wall as a single image. The works were lined onto a single continuous needled felt backing with a Reemay interleaf loaded with BEVA 371. A vacuum envelope was created with Dartek with two out flowing points connected to a GAST-0523 vacuum pump. The works were then heat bonded in sections to the backing, positioning the thermocouple between the heater and the backing surface. The heating mat allowed the work to be conducted on site at the school using a 240V circuit. 

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